County must give us better budget oversight

info@islandpacket.comJune 19, 2013 

A June 8 letter "County budget a mystery compared with district's" hit the nail on the head.

Where did our Beaufort County tax money go? Why is there so little county budget information available? More people ask these questions, but no answers are forthcoming from county administrators or County Council. And yes, the joke is on us, but it isn't funny and hasn't been for the past six to eight years.

Library supporters have been concerned that funds budgeted by County Council for libraries have not been spent despite ongoing need for building maintenance, new equipment, materials and staff. County administrators and the council have failed to provide satisfactory answers when questioned.

We know St. Helena library operations were partly funded by reducing services at other library branches. Are the unspent funds from the library budget being shifted to other departments in the same manner, perhaps to the county TV station? What was the budget for the TV station? How much did all the equipment cost? How many watch the channel? How many people wait in the Daufuskie Island venue to speak at council meetings?

When will County Council members ensure that county administrators spend the money budgeted for libraries on libraries?

When will County Council members ensure that before county administrators embark on new projects, there is money available to maintain and grow the services that we already have without putting them in jeopardy, as they continue to do to our libraries?

Carol and Mike Morse


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