Examples of lying very easy to provide

info@islandpacket.comJune 18, 2013 

A recent letter writer was concerned that a previous letter called President Barack Obama a liar without backing it up with facts.

Here are four blatant lies having to do with only one program: Obamacare. Did he or did he not state many times, "If you want to keep your present insurance, you will be able to do so"? Well, I lost my retirement insurance plan that had been offered by my former employer and had no recourse.

The second lie was the cost. He stated, "I will not sign into law any health program if the cost is over $850 billion." No study has shown that the cost of this program will cost less than $1 trillion. Next he stated, "Insurance rates will be lower." Try to find any insurance company that will take on sick people, additional youth, thus increasing their costs, whose rates will not go up.

Lastly, he said we would pay for this with new revenue (taxes) on the rich. Have you seen the new taxes and or fees that are being applied to all citizens?

This example is just one program. If you want more examples, I would be most happy to oblige.

Fernand LaBranche


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