What's her secret?: 'Truly engage in your children's lives'

abredeson@islandpacket.comJune 14, 2013 

Hilton Head Islander Amy Rosene is photographed on June 3 with her three sons, from left, Jack, 8, Nate, 6, and Will, 10.

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Name: Amy Rosene

Husband: Bob

Town: Hilton Head Island

Children: Will, 10; Jack, 8; Nate, 6

Occupation: Homeschooling mom and owner of a beach wheelchair company called Vacation Mobility Solutions

Go-to dinner: "I don't exactly have a go-to dinner," Rosene said. "But what I do have is a go-to list. In an effort to get rid of that dreaded question of 'What's for dinner?' about two years ago I sat down, and I made a list of about 30, 35 meals that everybody in the family enjoys. ... And now before I go to the grocery store, Bob, my husband, and the boys sit down and they look at the list. And everybody gets to choose two or three meals that they request. And the menu is formed. So it makes my trip to the grocery store so much easier, and then everybody is happy with the meals I prepare. Works like a charm."

Biggest pet peeve: Rosene said her biggest pet peeve right now is the lack of respect, attitude of entitlement and absence of gratitude that she sees in a lot of young children.

Hobbies: When she's not busy teaching her three boys or researching homeschool materials, Rosene enjoys reading, camping and watching her kids play sports.

Volunteer work: Rosene and her husband have coached soccer through the Island Recreation Center every fall and spring for the past six years. In the winter they coach basketball for Upward Sports.

Favorite mommy moment: "I would say my favorite mommy moment would be the day I decided to homeschool," Rosene said. "It was also the most terrifying moment, but I would say it is by far one of my favorites. ... I was leaving my career as a physical therapist. We were cutting our income in half, and I was assuming complete responsibility for my children's education. It was a complete leap of faith. But I can tell you it's a leap that I could not be more proud of, and I'm going to start crying. It's a leap I could not be more proud of or more grateful for having taken. This experience with my boys has been nothing short of amazing, and I wouldn't trade it for the world."

Most challenging moment: "You would think it would be balancing homeschooling with the business and coaching and running a household," Rosene said. "And that is crazy and overwhelming at times. But I think for me what truly challenges me as a mom is that whole concept and process of learning to let go. As a mom, our instinct is to protect our kids and love our kids and keep them close to us. And I'm finding as the boys get a little bit older that I'm faced with finding that perfect balance between keeping them safe but also allowing them the freedom to explore and grow in their independence. And that feels overwhelming."

Stress reliever: Camping and just being outdoors in general

Advice for other moms: "I would say to those new moms and those new parents out there to truly engage in your children's lives and make them your priority," she said. "Your time with them is fleeting at best. And today is the time for you to focus on them. And when they're grown and gone, then you can focus on you."


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