Americans must fight continuing corruption

info@islandpacket.comJune 13, 2013 

Are we stupid? As the news unfolded last week, I wondered.

America's greatness was derived from hard-working, legal immigrants who fled extreme poverty and often persecution. Later generations can hardly comprehend their sacrifices. That legacy has run amuck in our country, with materialism, toxic political correctness and an unprecedented abuse of power by self-serving public "servants."

Consider the hearings on the Internal Revenue Service. Thieves in government used taxpayer money and partied to the tune of millions of dollars. After a shameless apology from them, we learn it is almost impossible to fire them because of regulations. These overpaid elitists had no twinge of conscience as they boarded planes, upgraded their suites, watched a $50,000 moronic video and gorged themselves with foods, gifts and other perks.

The firing restraints are reminiscent of terrorist murderer Nidal Hasan. Educated on our dime, the Army psychiatrist was passed around the bureaucracy. Nobody knew how to fire him. He killed 13 soldiers at Fort Hood. Now he wants to be his own attorney. That means he will question the 32 surviving victims. He still gets his paycheck and free medical care. Are we stupid or what?

As America drowns in debt and our so-called brilliant leaders continue their corruption (Benghazi lies, Fast & Furious, abuse of the Associated Press, IRS targets), what will we Americans do? I wonder whether we inherited any remnant of the staunch backbone of our ancestors. Are we going to sink with the ship of fools that mislead us?

Catherine Koncul


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