New Arab state not goal; it's Israel's destruction

info@islandpacket.comJune 12, 2013 

The column by Thomas Friedman published Sunday simply repeats his tired, and worse, false meme that it is Israel's responsibility to create a (first and only) democratic, peaceful Arab state, and furthermore, to do so on land that Israel itself claims under valid international law.

Not that Israel has not tried, repeatedly, starting even before its own Declaration of Independence in 1948, and repeatedly since then, up to and including today. But Israel cannot provide something the Arabs have repeatedly demonstrated, in word and deed, they do not want. The Arab goal is not today, nor has it ever been, establishing yet another Arab state. Their singular goal was -- and remains -- the destruction of a state, namely Israel.

Today, as a result of Arab intransigence, virulent anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, deception, violation of signed agreements, inhuman torture and massacres of their own people, the concept of a peaceful two-state solution as envisioned by the 1993 Oslo Accords has died an ignominious death.

Nevertheless, Israelis do not share Friedman's pessimistic outlook. They are, however, increasingly coming to realize that empowering murderous haters in their heartland at this point in history, as Friedman and the Europeans, and even the Obama administration propose, would signify the death knell for Jewish self-determination in its own nation-state.

And that ain't gonna happen.

William Bilek

Hilton Head Island

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