Arts Center well worth town's investment in it

info@islandpacket.comJune 11, 2013 

After reading the June 8 editorial "Loan to arts center would be a mistake," I get the impression no one at the newspaper has ever visited this amazing institution.

Contrary to your short-sighted opinion, the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina is a community treasure not to be trivialized or dismissed. As subscribers and supporters, our family has attended performances and art exhibits, and we have seen what goes on behind the stage. Do you realize the Arts Center benefits the youth of this area beyond measure through its involvement with the Island School Council for the Arts? Through art and theater classes, artist visits, outreach programs and awards to talented youth in Beaufort County, boys and girls who otherwise might not have these opportunities can participate and flourish.

As to the Elizabeth Wallace Theater and the Walter Greer Gallery, without their cultural and artistic presence on Hilton Head, we would not have been so eager to move to Hilton Head Island. These venues have profoundly impacted the lives of all who have found their way there. The arts are what makes us human, and the arts center brings light, beauty, education, laughter and enlightenment to our community.

I applaud Mayor Drew Laughlin's statement. A bright and embracing light would go out if the center closed because it could not repair its facilities. A small public investment is a large investment in the continuing success of this community, with a return through the growth of the quality of life in the Lowcountry.

Elaine Israel

Hilton Head Island

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