Recreation Results, June 4

sports@islandpacket.comJune 4, 2013 


Bear Creek

Results of Ladies tournament held May 24 and 31; Format: Queen Bee Ringer; Low Net -- 1. Evie McCandless, 2. Judy Peters, 3. Jane Joseph, 4. Betsy Pehrson.

Results of Ladies tournament held May 30; Team Winners: Charlotte Moss and Cynthia Gorski-Popiel; Jenny Brymer and Judy Kay; Judy McLaughlin and Ann Carter; Carol DeKany and Marilu Lewis.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held May 29; Format: Flag Day; Flight 1 -- 1. Caroline McVitty, 2. Loretta Cutrer, 3. Joyce Dalton; Flight 2 -- 1. Barbour Childress, 2. Lauri Van Neil, 3. Pat Crofton; Flight 3 -- 1. Gretchen Iverson, 2. Brenda Hand, 3. Marty Eidemiller; Closest to the Pin -- Pat Crofton, Gretchen Iverson.

Results of Men's day tournament held June 1; Format: 2 better balls of 4; 1. Nathan Mitchell, Pat Cauller, Bob Saelens, Ed Rainey; 2. Dave Palmetier, Steve Clark, Kent Mittelberg, Steve Remke; Closest to the Pin -- Bob Rusche.

Dolphin Head

Results of Men's tournament held May 31; Format: 1 better ball plus bonus; 1. John Mikita, Lamar Finch, Gene Passmore, Tom Morgan.

Fripp Island

Results of the Women's Golf Association event held May 28; Format: Low Gross/Low Net; Flight 1 -- Low Gross: Patti Schuette; Low Net: Cathy Keup; Flight 2 -- Low Gross: Nancy Connell; Low Net: Sue Ranieri; Flight 3 -- Low Gross: Zan Dukes; Low Net: Jean Wetzel; Flight 4 -- Low Gross: Barbara Sealey; Low Net: Susan Briggs; 2013 FIWGA Memorial Tournament Winner -- Barbara Furst.

Hidden Cypress

Results of Sun City Women's Golf Association tournament held May 30; Flight 1 -- 1. Anne Bendiske, 2. Donna Rosehart, 3. Christine Putnam; Flight 2 -- 1. Eleanor Kiel, 2. Doris Riordon, 3. Eva Dion, 4. Gerri Albert, 5. Sandy Tooley; Flight 3 -- 1. Barbara Pratt, 2. Marta Yelverton, 3. Kathy Murphy, 4. Ethel Johnson, 5. Joan Turner; Flight 4 -- 1. Mary Powers, 2. Brenda Carter, 3. Betty Smith, 4. Mary Ellen Berdine, 5. Barbara Wierzbecki.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held May 30; Format: Skins; 1. Mike Sinisko, 2. Alan Westcob, Ben Franklin; 3. Tom Glans, Powell Christian; Closest to the Pin -- Bob Kiessling, Alan Westcob, Frank Porter, Tom DeGray.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies day tournament held May 29; Format: 1 of 2 best net - Stableford Points; Flight 1 -- 1. Sharon Sommerstein, Joanne Reynolds; 2. Anita Barreca, Barbara Baird; Flight 2 -- 1. Joy Gibbons, Jeffrie Natale; 2. Janet Lombardi, Lauretta Anderson.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held May 30; 1. L. Bitnner, 2. E. Himes; 3. (tie) S. Boppe, M. Charrier; 5. (tie) C. Karnas, P. Marshall, J. Moss, M. Muzinich.

Results of tournament held June 1; Format: Better Ball Gross plus Better Ball Net; 1. Lance Buntin, Gloria Johnson, Jerry McGuinn; 2. Scott Hunter, Mike Hartnett, Tony Karnas; 3. (tie) Koll Farman, Peyton McLamb, Ted Patnaude, Joshua Carmichael, Tom Burke, Paul Kruzelock; 5. (tie) James Scales, Anita Barreca, Patrick Piercy, Ross Prachar, Jake Jacobson, Paul Schulz; Closest to the Pin -- Tom Andreas, Chuck Eberly, Koll Farman.

Results of Men's 9-hole club tee tournament held June 3; Format: Individual Low Net; 1. M. Goodall, 2. (tie) W. Richman, A. Varian.

Rose Hill

Results of tournament held May 27; Format: Scramble; 1. Bill Shipe, Pamela Haugner, Dick Timcoe, Charlotte Timcoe; 2. Rich Johnson,Kathy Burnce, Michael Burnce; 3. Fran Richards, Ed Varcho, Dan Ryan; 4. Pat Gurganus, Jane Gurganus, John Klinger, Dottie Klinger; 5. Jerry Wells, Adrienne Lamantia, Lee Henken, Beverly Henken.

Results of MGA Men's day tournament held May 28; Format: Individual Stableford; 1. Tod Powers, 2. Jerry Wells, 3. Jim Schwarz, 4. Jay Parks, 5. Len Marino, 6. Al Harris, 7. Ron Stovall, 8. Hud Molloy; Low Net -- Tod Powers; Closest to the Pin -- Jay Parks.

Results of MGA Men's day tournament held June 1; Format: Red, White and Silver; 1. Mike Danyi, Tod Powers, John Klinger, Bob Williams; 2. Hud Molloy, John Carroll, Mike Kirkland, Ed Varcho; Closest to the Pin -- Mike Danyi.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held June 3; Format: Better Ball of Partners; 1. Paul Resetar, Tony Karnas; 2. Tom Young, Douglas Clark; 3. Dick Leone, William Boyles; 4. Karl Siebers, George Solari; 5. Bud Dombay, Larry O'Neil; 6. Bill Knott, Charlie Michael; 7. Bob Lachenauer, Ronald Noel; 8. Tom Ryan, John Schuler; 9. Karl Keese, John Carter; 10. Charlie Boles, John Jourdan. Closest to the Pin -- Frank Sutera, Arthur Dunlap, David Zander, Richard Miller.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day held May 31; Format: Individual Nassau; Front 9 -- Marty O'Brien, Back 9 -- Sonny Compher, Overall -- Jeff McConnell; Skins -- Harry Jewett, Bill O'Day.

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