Pearl Jam sends Mookie some love; blue crab beignets; and the 101 best-written TV shows ever

Hilton Head Island PacketJune 4, 2013 

The members of Pearl Jam sent well-wishes to former NBA all-star Mookie Blaylock for whom the band was once named. Blaylock was involved in a crash Friday that claimed the life of another motorist. 

The Writers Guild of America selects the 101 best-written television shows of all time. "The Sopranos" tops the list. As an Aaron Sorkin fan, I was happy to see "West Wing" clock in at no. 10. 

Soul Singer Sharon Jones is taking a hiatus to seek treatment for bile duct cancer.

Rolling Stone compiled a list of the top 10 most annoying rock star behaviors, behaviors, it bears mentioning, the magazine itself likely helped to perpetuate over the year.

Actor and "Silver Linings Playbook" star Bradley Cooper attended a White House conference on mental health.

"Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan says binge-watching likely saved his show.

It's summer and Bon Appetit has 22 awesome shellfish recipes includes some darn good-looking blue crab beignets.

Things You Should Know How to Do: Grill a whole lamb.

Chipotle is being sued over a concept it reportedly stole from David Chang's Momofuku.

"Real Housewives of New York" cast member Ramona Singer reportedly caused a scene in a New York City restaurant over her daughter's 17th birthday.

Chef Scott Conant talks to Food Republic about 10 things he hates.

The Talmadge Bridge in Savannah will close for a time tomorrow to allow for the passage of a giant container ship.

A shirtless guys walked into a Dunkin Donuts in Berks County, Pa. and tried to rip the shirt off an employee. No shirt, no service, bro.

Esquire teaches us how to make mozzarella and it's not as hard as you think.

Not sure what the heck is going on in this teaser for season 2 of "The Newsroom," but I'm excited for the show's July 14 return nonetheless.

Future Southern Cal long-snapper shows off his skills in the most niche trick-shot video ever.

Last week, American Idol winner Candice Glover visited Walt Disney World's American Idol experience. This week, a video of Candice talking about that trip and the attraction has surfaced. 

And last but not least, my alma mater, Indiana University, unveiled yesterday five new helmets that will be worn during the 2013 season. The players clearly love them (as you see in this video) and the sports blogosphere didn't think they were so bad either

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