Doubts about a New York Times essay; Heath Ledger's Joker diary; and a baseball cap that is distinctly Miami

Posted by PATRICK DONOHUE on June 3, 2013 

The New York Times had a fascinating piece yesterday on one Russian billionaire's quest to build actually avatars.

"Community" creator Dan Harmon is returning to the show after all.

The famed Apalachicola, Fla. oyster fishery is collapsing. Having eaten many an oyster from this area, let me be the first to urge that a solution to this problem be found immediately.

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback, and one of my childhood heroes, Jim Kelly has been diagnosed with cancer of his upper jaw bone. If he approaches his recover with the same toughness and tenacity that he approached football, this disease doesn't stand a chance.

A slew of new food products containing caffeine has the FDA on edge.

Providence chef Michael Cimarusti teaches us the proper way to prepare lobster.

A new T-shirt company celebrates Charleston's past.

A new New Era Miami Marlins hat has a brim that appears to be covered in white dust. Write your own joke.

There is some skepticism among travel writers and others over a New York Times piece written by Noah Gallagher Shannon about a flight he was on that, he says, nearly crashed.

Ben & Jerry's has promised to stop using genetically-modified ingredients in its ice cream.

A picture that might make you reconsider eating Taco Bell for lunch, if you were even considering that in the first place.

Some cool -- but very expensive -- pencils.

A new Coca-Cola can helps you share a little of that syrup-y goodness with your pals.

Can't get enough microbrews? Check out the trailer for "Craft Beer: A Hopumentary."

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke made this awesome anti-texting and talking PSA for Austin's Alamo Drafthouse.

Vampire Weekend has (finally) made a video for "Diane Young."

A new documentary offers some interesting (and somewhat creepy) insights into how Heath Ledger prepared for his role as The Joker.



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