Recreation Results, June 2

sports@islandpacket.comJune 2, 2013 


Bear Creek

Results of Ladies tournament held May 24 and 31; Format: Queen Bee Ringer; Low Net -- 1. Evie McCandless, 2. Judy Peters, 3. Jane Joseph, 4. Betsy Pehrson.

Results of Ladies tournament held May 30; Team Winners: Charlotte Moss and Cynthia Gorski-Popiel; Jenny Brymer and Judy Kay; Judy McLaughlin and Ann Carter; Carol DeKany and Marilu Lewis.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held May 29; Format: Flag Day; Flight 1 -- 1. Caroline McVitty, 2. Loretta Cutrer, 3. Joyce Dalton; Flight 2 -- 1. Barbour Childress, 2. Lauri Van Neil, 3. Pat Crofton; Flight 3 -- 1. Gretchen Iverson, 2. Brenda Hand, 3. Marty Eidemiller; Closest to the Pin -- Pat Crofton, Gretchen Iverson.

Fripp Island

Results of the Women's Golf Association event held May 28; Format: Low Gross/Low Net; Flight 1 -- Low Gross: Patti Schuette; Low Net: Cathy Keup; Flight 2 -- Low Gross: Nancy Connell; Low Net: Sue Ranieri; Flight 3 -- Low Gross: Zan Dukes; Low Net: Jean Wetzel; Flight 4 -- Low Gross: Barbara Sealey; Low Net: Susan Briggs; 2013 FIWGA Memorial Tournament Winner -- Barbara Furst.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies day tournament held May 29; Format: 1 of 2 best net - Stableford Points; Flight 1 -- 1. Sharon Sommerstein, Joanne Reynolds; 2. Anita Barreca, Barbara Baird; Flight 2 -- 1. Joy Gibbons, Jeffrie Natale; 2. Janet Lombardi, Lauretta Anderson.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held May 30; 1. L. Bitnner, 2. E. Himes; 3. (tie) S. Boppe, M. Charrier; 5. (tie) C. Karnas, P. Marshall, J. Moss, M. Muzinich.


Results of LWGA Member/Member Match Play tournament held May 21-23; Format: Match Play Better Ball of Partner; Championship Flight -- Karen Ferree/Jennifer Adams; Flight Two -- Linda Reeves/Donna Rosehart; Flight Three -- Carol Jackson/Casey Vanderveer; Flight Four -- Fran Hallam/Susan Plousis.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held May 28; 1. Jane Aurandt and Amber McElhaney; 2. Debbie Zourdos; Low Gross -- Jan Kirk; Chip-Ins -- Jane Aurandt; Closest to the Pin -- Debbie Zourdos, Jane Aurandt.

Port Royal

Results of Men's day held May 29; Format: Individual Match Play vs. Par; 1. Ernie Hawksworth, 2. Dennis Lauzon, 3. John Gibbs.

Rose Hill

Results of Men's day tournament held May 25; Format: Shamble; 1. Mike Danyi, Tod Powers, Ed Scott, Len Marino; 2. Rich Johnson, John Carroll, Dick Timcoe, Lee Henkin; Closest to the Pin -- Dick Timcoe.

Results of tournament held May 27; Format: Scramble; 1. Bill Shipe, Pamela Haugner, Dick Timcoe, Charlotte Timcoe; 2. Rich Johnson,Kathy Burnce,Michael Burnce; 3. Fran Richards, Ed Varcho, Dan Ryan; 4. Pat Gurganus, Jane Gurganus, John Klinger, Dottie Klinger; 5. Jerry Wells, Adrienne Lamantia, Lee Henken, Beverly Henken.

Results of MGA Men's day tournament held May 28; Format: Individual Stableford; 1. Tod Powers, 2. Jerry Wells, 3. Jim Schwarz, 4. Jay Parks, 5. Len Marino, 6. Al Harris, 7. Ron Stovall, 8. Hud Molloy; Low Net -- Tod Powers; Closest to the Pin -- Jay Parks.


Run for Rose 5K

May 25 at Hilton Head Lakes, Hardeeville

5K Run -- Top Males

1. Cisco Ferre, Hilton Head, 16:45.3

2. John Duberly, Savannah, 17:34.5

3. Eladio Wilkinson, 17:37.7

4. Jason Busby, Hilton Head, 17:43.8

5. Mark White, Hilton Head, 17:49.7

6. Mark Berglind, 18:26.7

7. Hugh Bosely, San Francisco, 18:33.1

8. Sam Beattie, Bluffton, 18:38.7

9. Noa Pagatpatan, Hilton Head, 18:50.6

10. Enrique Baez, 19:40.0

5K Run -- Top Females

1. Michelle LaFleur, Savannah, 17:33.1

2. Elizabeth Beller, 19:42.4

3. Katie Carbiener, Aurora CO, 21:09.3

4. Kirsten Fishel, Bluffton, 22:28.4

5. Diane Stoneking, 24:26.2

6. Madison Maccabe, 26:49.7

7. Jennifer Harsta, Bluffton, 26:58.7

8. Summer Pagatpatan, Hilton Head, 28:35.2

9. Erin Berglind, 29:22.5

10. Cassidy Plowden, 29:47.4

5K Walk -- Top Finishers

1. Richard Hopkinson, 37:55.2

2. Pamela Lariche, Beaufort, 37:56.3

3. Julianna Lariche, Beaufort, 37:59.0

4. Jacque Carbiener, Hilton Head, 41:47.4

5. Debby Albert, Bluffton, 46:32.7


Carolina Aquatics 2013 May Breakout (Long Course)

May 24-25, at University of South Carolina, Columbia

Hilton Head Aquatics -- Top 10 finishers

8-9 age group: Ella Smiley (5th 200fr, 6th 100fr, 7th 50 fly, 9th 50 fr, 50 bk)

9-10 age group: Annika Cummings (6th 200fly); Tommy Hughson (1st 400fr, 4th 100br, 50bk, 3rd 50br, 4th 200fr); Christian Naddy (6th 400fr, 10th br); Sarah Ocampo (5th 400 fr, 100br, 7th 100 br, 10th 100fr)

11-12 age group: Chloe Corbitt (1st 400fr, 400IM, 200fl, 5th 200br, 7th 100br, 9th 100bk); Griffin Naddy (9th 400IM)

13-14 age group: Noah Corbitt (1st 100fr, 200fr, 400fr, 3rd 50fr, 5th 200IM, 100bk, 6th 400IM, 7th 200bk, 9th 1500fr); Katie Allen (7th 100 br); Victoria Gill (3rd 400fr, 400IM, 4th 400IM, 5th 1500fr, 8th 200bk, 10th 200br); Lily Kerr (8th 200fly, 9th 400fr, 10th 200fr, 400IM); Sarah Reamy (4th 400fr, 6th 400IM, 9th 1500fr, 10th 100fr); Clayton North (1st 200IM, 2nd 400IM, 4th 50fr, 400fr, 5th 200bk, 200fr, 6th 100bk, 9th 100fr, 100fl, 10th 1500fr); Will McCloud (9th 100br, 200br)

Over 15 age group: Lilla Felix (2nd 200bk, 1500fr, 3rd 400fr 100bk, 4th 200IM, 200fr 5th 50fr, 6th 400IM, 9th 100fr, 10th 100fl); Camille Felix (5th 400fr, 7th 200fl, 200IM, 9th 200fr); Madison Field (3rd 200br, 4th 400IM, 5th 200fl, 100br); Emily Hammond (1st 400 fr, 1500fr, 2nd, 200fr, 400IM, 3rd 200IM, 4th 100bk, 7th 100fl, 9th 50 fr); Cassie Ley (2nd 100br, 100fr, 200br); James Hammond (2nd 1500fr, 6th 200fl, 8th 400fr); Tristan Cummings (6th 100fl)

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