Eating cicadas; Allan Benton (literally) saves his bacon; and a burger with deep-fried lasagna slices for buns

Posted by PATRICK DONOHUE on May 30, 2013 

The New York Times thinks Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" could be the song of the summer.

Eating cicadas no weirder than eating cheese? I beg to differ. 

The Emmys can't get enough of Neil Patrick Harris. The rest of America has had its fill.

Spin's list of the 40 best songs of the year so far.

Soda mouth can look a lot like meth mouth? I'm reconsidering having that Vernor's tonight.

Music to Your Mouth favorite Allan Benton of the famed Benton's Country Hams went into his burning smokehouse in Tennessee this week to ... what else ... save his hams.

Chicago Cubs demonstrate just how truly hideous Jumbotron and additional signage at Wrigley Field will be.

Speaking of Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times has reportedly laid off its entire photo staff. I'm guessing they hope subjects of news, sports and feature stories will email selfies to the paper for publication.

Lifehacker has a list of four healthy habits you'll kick yourself for ignoring later in life.

A burger with deep-friend lasagna slices for buns. No, really.

A proposed law could make it a requirement that the military use running shoes made in the U.S.


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