Prompt, swift justice needed to curb crime

info@islandpacket.comMay 27, 2013 

The American justice system has prohibited just punishment for abhorrent crimes for decades as deviant behavior has soared. Americans should ask: "Do we truly want to thwart horrific crime?"

Recently, we learned of a 10-year-old girl who was molested and raped repeatedly. An 18-month-old baby was murdered in his stroller. Men and women randomly kill people, including schoolchildren, apparently for the thrill. What is wrong in America? Are we too focused on protecting the avenger, instead of creating the fear of quick justice? Delayed justice emboldens criminal behavior.

Atrocious crimes will decline when the legal system returns to prompt trials and public executions in the town square. Americans pussyfoot around looking for the cause for criminals' sick, joyful highs after they perpetrate outrageous crimes against the weakest in society. Social excuses, such as father abuse, behavior altering drugs or mental issues, are unacceptable. Severe consequences should apply -- immediately. Our judicial system enables hideous criminals to scoff at the law as law-abiders foot the predator's legal bills.

Only when fear of prompt, public justice is restored, will these heinous crimes stop. Unfortunately, preventing odious behavior does not appear to be what our judicial system desires. After all, public executions or castrations within 30 days would make potential murderers and rapists think twice before taking a life or molesting an innocent child. Then again, American justice promotes compassion for the criminal instead of preventing vicious crimes committed on the young, old, weak and helpless.

Jim Dove


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