Bible leads the way for scientific findings

info@islandpacket.comMay 26, 2013 

I must disagree with a May 17 letter's headline, "Faith, scientific evidence two very different things," as well as most of the letter's content.

Faith, as recorded in the Bible, predicted most of today's scientific findings, and the rest will be explained in future studies.

For instance, the first three words of the Bible, "In the beginning," predicted the finding of the Big Bang theory. The scientific community went from "there was no beginning and will be no end" at the beginning of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity around 1900 to the discovery of the red shift in the light from the stars by astronomers at mid-century. Their calculations showed there was a beginning 13.7 billion years ago with a big bang. The Bible predicted this.

There was no light at the Big Bang. It took 100 million years for the matter expelled from the Big Bang to reach the correct pressure and temperature to initiate a nuclear reaction producing light. Genesis 1:3 predicted this: "Let there be light." Scientists calculated that it was almost impossible for the correct combination of pressure and temperature to occur at the same time. Therefore, the scientists coined the term "divine guidance" to describe this event of 13.6 billion years ago. Again, the Bible predicted this.

There are other scientific items supporting the Bible, such as an earthquake parting the Red Sea for Moses to cross. The Bible is a prime source of scientific endeavor.

Alexander Kline


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