Sanford's victory not hard to understand

info@islandpacket.comMay 26, 2013 

I have been reading with interest the post-election letters apparently from Democrats who do not understand the results of the election. The letters have ranged from being critical of an ad by the Hilton Head Island Republican Club to dismay that people would vote for Mark Sanford, with his perceived "baggage."

First, it has always been the American way and human nature to forgive people of their sins. (Let those without sin cast the first stone.) We had a candidate who was forthright in admitting to his mistakes and not hiding the facts or attempting to obfuscate the issue. Have not the American people apparently forgiven former President Bill Clinton for his indiscretion even though it took place in the Oval Office?

Second, Sanford was campaigning against a candidate who frequently declined the opportunity to debate her competition. When the candidate did make appearances she spoke of her values (a positive), but declined to address issues of national importance.

The third thing that I believe is being overlooked is that the election was also a rejection of the current (and some former) leadership in Washington by the majority of the electorate in the 1st Congressional District.

This election is over. Encourage your elected officials at all levels to work toward bringing our country back to a moral and fiscal path that will provide greatness and prosperity for future generations, rather than dwelling on what might have been.

James A. Buckley

Hilton Head Island

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