Recreation Results, May 25

sports@islandpacket.comMay 25, 2013 


Bear Creek

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held May 23; Format: Tee to Green; Flight A -- Charlotte Moss, Ruth Ann Tyson; Flight B -- Carol DeKany, Florence Willard.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held May 22; Format: Buddy/Buddy; 1. Jan Powell, Janice Gierer; 2. Ruth Schroeder, Marty Eidemiller; 3. Carol Sullivan, Leslie Gilroy; 4. Barbara Neely, Jane Rojahn; 5. Gretchen Iverson, Barsh Mather; 6. Sheila Johnson, Loretta Cutrer; Closest to the Pin -- Loretta Cutrer, Bev Holmes.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association held May 23; Format: Power Ball Three Best Net Scores; 1. Bob Kiessling, Tom DeGray, Jack Shaffer, Ben Hill; 2. Mike Sinisko, Bill Peters, Ben Franklin, Chuck Gluck; Closest to the Pin -- Tom Glans, Larry Beckish, Bob Kiessling, Ben Franklin.

Moss Creek

Results of Men's day tournament held May 21; Format: 2 best balls of 4 net - Shambles; 1. I. Cho, P. Kruzelock, J. Beck, G. Solari; Flight 2 -- 1. Jack Layton, T. Patnaude, E. Everett, D. Phillips.

Results of Ladies day tournament held May 22; Format: 2 best balls of 4; Flight 1 -- 1. Linda Mikkelson, Jane Silcox, Camille Beck.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Men's tournament held May 22; Format: Best 2 of 4 Net; 1.Chris Zourdos, Jim Webb, Gus Christ, Fred McNamee; 2. Ron Tindall, Art Loeben, Roy Haynes, George Banino; 3. Rainer Kuenkel, Tom Cumming, Walt Cederholm, Fred Reever; Closest to the Pin: Ron Tindall, Chris Zourdos, Frank Sutera, Jim Webb.

Rose Hill

Results of Men's day held May 21; Format: Points Game; 1. Jerry Wells, Ed Scott, Dick Timcoe, Greg Vavoso; Low Net: Dick Timcoe; Closest to the Pin: Dick Timcoe.

Results of Ladies day held May 22; Format: Bingo, Bango, Bongo; 1. Janet Wright, 2. Anne Quigley, 3. Sharon Brezinski.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held May 20-21; Format: 2 Man BB & Chapman; Flight A - 1. Charlie Boles, Robert Fulton; 2. Bob Lee, Peter Rae; Flight B - 1. Sandy Knapp, Calvin Beltman; 2. Francis Zeleznik, Greg Kingery; Flight C - 1. David Denton, George Jones III; 2. Edward Badger, Tom Rochon; Flight D - 1. Ron Welpott, Dave Dahl; 2. Mack McCaffrey, Bruce Siebold; Flight E - 1. Earl Keese, Glen Stanford; 2. Dave Lunka, Tim Scanlin; Flight F - 1. Paul Resetar, Tony Karnas; 2. Tom Morgan, Fred Wolf; Flight G - 1. William Mott, Mike Hartnett; 2. Dennis West, Gary Hysner; Closest to the Pin: Ken Buckalew, Jim Bernard, Charlie Boles, John Winnestaffer, Rick Thompson, Chip Upjohn, Calvin Beltman.

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