Trifecta of scandals only the beginning

info@islandpacket.comMay 24, 2013 

Wow. A trifecta of scandals in one week, this from the administration that promised to be the most open and transparent ever.

This could easily grow into a "superfecta," given attempts by Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of Health and Human Services to shake down the very same companies she regulates to help fund the public health insurance co-ops under Obamacare. Sounds like the old "protection" racket, Chicago style.

Thanks to three brave whistle-blowers, the Muslim terrorist attack on our Benghazi consulate is not going quietly away. There are four dead American patriots, and the country demands answers. Where was President Barack Obama that night? Who issued the order to "stand down" the rapid response rescue team? Who formulated the lie about the video? Why did Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deliver that lie to the families and then to the United Nations?

The Internal Revenue Service's targeting conservative groups on receiving tax-exempt status ought to terrify every American. It's indicative of the culture of this White House, as we know their "dog whistles" went out at least three years earlier. We also know through congressional questioning that the woman who headed the tax-exempt division has been promoted to lead the IRS division overseeing Obamacare. Seriously, you can't make up this stuff.

Lastly, the secret securing of AP phone records has shaken up the Fourth Estate. Only time will tell how badly that love affair has been disrupted, but stay tuned. A lot more is coming.

Robert D. Thun

Moss Creek

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