By air and by sea, migratory newcomers descending upon Lowcountry

jkidd@beaufortgazette.comMay 23, 2013 

As I explained in the post earlier this week that launched this blog, in addition to articles written specifically for Untamed Lowcountry, I’ll aggregate stories, photos and videos that would have been part of our news coverage even if had we not started this new feature. That way, you have one convenient place to look at it, either by bookmarking the blog's main page or by subscribing to its RSS feed.

I’ll also give you “off-site” links, so to speak, if I think our audience will find them interesting or useful, and show you reader-submitted photos, video and stories.

I offer up a little of all three today.

First, there is news of the arrival of manatees into Lowcountry waters. The (Charleston) Post & Courier explains that "coastal waters have hit room temperature and on cue, the first manatee of the year has been spotted in the Charleston area.” (By the way, the Charleston site charges to view content. If you want to see all sorts of other neat manatee information and photos for free, go to

Another local nature blog, Lowcountry Outdoors, wrote fairly recently about the return of several migratory birds. I shared some of the observations of Jeff Dennis, who made this post — the American goldfinches departed later than usual this spring, sticking around until their plumage was a brilliant yellow, and the blue grosbeaks are back. I’ve included a photo of each, taken at my backyard feeder.

Lowcountry Outdoors also wrote a bit about the return of migratory dolphin — that’s the fish, not the mammal. Untamed Lowcountry isn’t really a hunting and fishing blog, but since we’re talking about new arrivals ...

And finally, here’s a story we posted Wednesday at Untamed Lowcountry about the arrival of the year’s first nesting turtles on Hilton Head and Fripp Islands. This morning, I heard from reader Lisa Duncan of Knoxville, Tenn., who offered her video of a loggerhead crawling back to sea after laying eggs on Hilton Head Island.

Remember, if you want to pass along your nature and wildlife photos or have a story to share for publication on Untamed Lowcountry, you can email them to me at

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