Hilton Head drivers should improve habits

info@islandpacket.comMay 21, 2013 

As an ex-Brit, now an American citizen, I would suggest that Hilton Head Island has as many roundabouts as any British town of its size, perhaps more.

The difference is that the vast majority of Brits know how to use roundabouts, while the average driver on Hilton Head does not.

Despite the fact that each roundabout has notices asking that drivers indicate where they are going and where they intend to exit, very few ever do. You are required to guess where that car in front intends to leave, or worse still, where he or she intends to go. In reviewing the use of signals, I find there are certain drivers who think their indicators are for emergencies only and seldom if ever use them as part of the built-in safety system of their vehicle.

Another rather irritating feature of driving on the island is the car that slows to a walking pace to allow a passenger, or worse still the driver, to consult a local map. There are many side streets that anyone could use to consult their compass, etc., but not the main highways.

Finally, and this seems to be a universal problem, when parking, please park between the two white lines that indicate your parking location, rather than straddling two parking spots with your vehicle.

Hilton Head is a great place to live or visit, so why not let your driving habits fit this observation.

Geoff Wheatley

Hilton Head Island

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