What you don't know about strawberries; Yahoo! buys Tumblr; and the coolest things made of Legos

Posted by PATRICK DONOHUE on May 20, 2013 

Yahoo! has bought the massively-popular blogging site, Tumblr, and promises "not to screw it up." 

BuzzFeed has a list of the 21st coolest things ever made out of Legos, including the meth lab from "Breaking Bad."

Do You Remember, a new nostalgia site aimed at 20 and 30-somethings for whom the 80s and 90s represent the pinnacle of human civilization, launches today. I'll pass on bookmarking. 

A custom-made VOX electric guitar played by George Harrison and John Lennon sold at auction over the weekend for a cool $408,000

The New York Times profiles "Mad Men" actress January Jones.

David Beckham announces his official retirement from soccer.

Last week's "American Idol" finale was the lowest-rated in the history of the Fox franchise

Looks like the "Zombieland" TV pilot isn't getting picked up. Why? Because its fans hated it.

Great story in The New York Times about the fight over renovations to Chicago's Wrigley Field

Interesting piece in last month's Vanity Fair about the growing popularity of steak around the world and what it means

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park is the new lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots

Immigrants come to American for a better life but are not necessarily getting a more nutritious one

The Village Voice loses two giants in gossip writer Michael Musto and food critic Robert Sietsema, who have both reportedly left the famed weekly. 

Food Republic has a piece about how best to pair potato chips with a sandwich and ...

A list of 14 things you didn't know about strawberries.

Train your brain to help get through your toughest runs and workouts. 

Can you lose weight by smoking marijuana? A new study suggests maybe

So, just how good of a workout is CrossFit

The Killers cover The Strokes' "Is This It?" during a recent gig in Brooklyn.


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