Even some Democrats see administration's folly

info@islandpacket.comMay 17, 2013 

Halleluiah. No less than Dennis Kucinich, that staunch Democrat, is abashed at the behavior of the crooked actions of the Obama administration.

Atta boy, Dennis. It's amazing how free he can be now that he doesn't have to behave and toe the lying Democrats' talking points. I have declared Hillary Clinton "toast." Four people dead and she unashamedly, and indignantly, lashes out at the question about Benghazi with the response of "who cares?"

If I were a family member of the four people killed, I would find a way to knock her off her high and mighty, "don't you dare question me," pedestal.

President Barack Obama doesn't care. He feels he is invincible, and unless the Republicans hold the House in 2014, he will be just that -- invincible.

Fernand LaBranche


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