Thursday's weather update from WTOC meteorologist John Wetherbee

May 16, 2013 

Despite severe weather yesterday across Texas, there are no big storms moving in our direction. The entire atmosphere is warming, as it does seasonally, and that allows the development of locally heavy late-day thunderstorms starting tomorrow. In fact, a weak wave moved across the Carolinas today, farther south than expected, and that was our lingering clouds. There was little rain this time. As that wave exits, there go the clouds as well. We expect a dry night tonight with mild temperatures, but it's important to note the increase in humidity. The tools are in place. What does that mean? As the atmosphere warms, it can handle or hold more moisture creating instability, the energy for late-day thunderstorms. You need a "lift" to move that moisture, or that fuel, up into the atmosphere, and the sea breeze front does that. Even better, add a trough of low pressure, which in fact is the remnants of the Texas twisters from Wednesday night. In a basic sense, all the tools you need for locally heavy late-day storms. Pockets of cold air aloft with each passing wave making those storms potentially severe. Our best chance of rumbles will be with maximum lift each afternoon after 3 p.m. and done by sunset. That starts tomorrow and runs through Monday afternoon. Anything that pops could become severe quickly and with little notice. The main threat will be briefly heavy rain, gusty winds, vivid lightning and small hail. Here's the deal, and we set this up every year: don't CANCEL any weekend plans but WATCH the skies for rapidly changing conditions and be PREPARED to seek shelter quickly. Meteorologist John Wetherbee, CBM

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