Independence Fund looks at bigger picture

info@islandpacket.comMay 15, 2013 

The tenor of the article published in The Beaufort Gazette several weeks ago was a mild jobation of the Independence Fund and Steve Danyluk, its president and founder.

Redemption occurred with the May 10 article when all facts became clear. Bill O'Reilly proclaimed April 29 on his Fox News show "The Factor" his commitment and support to raise money for 50 all-terrain wheelchairs for wounded warriors. He is urging Americans to fund more than 1,700 of the wheelchairs needed by wounded veterans.

Beaufort should have perceived where Danyluk, a retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel, was going when Jennifer Griffin of Fox News, who is assigned to the Pentagon, was the emcee for last year's Lt. Dan Week events. The focus is and will remain on the wounded warriors of our nation, not a "heads in bed" tax.

Congratulations to Steve Danyluk. If the county insists on reimbursement of accommodations tax money because most Lt. Dan Week events move to Charleston, I will commit to donate $13,900 to the Independence Fund. Where do I send the check?

Paul Fuetterer


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