Stories raise concerns on politics, journalism

info@islandpacket.comMay 15, 2013 

Two stories caught my eye in the May 9 edition.

The first sentence of the story "Comeback Kid": "Four years ago, Mark Sanford seemed to be political road kill, with many -- including Sanford himself -- saying his career was through."

Career? How and why has politics become a "career"? That one sentence sums up a major problem. We now have a ruling elite -- people who do nothing but run for office, raise money and campaign all day, every day, seemingly entitled to the position. Without question, we need term limits. No American, not one, should be able to have a political "career." I don't believe that was the intention of the Founding Fathers. I had to hold my nose to vote May 7. What a choice. A sad sack who needed a job, and a woman who hid from any scrutiny, her claim to fame being the sister of a Comedy Central celebrity.

Tucked away on page 7A was this story, "New facts are few in Benghazi attack." Huh? Did any journalist from the newspaper watch any of the hearings? Are we pretending the stories this administration put out about a stupid YouTube clip and the other tall tales fed to a fawning, compliant press after the attack (four good Americans dead) are "facts"? Just a bump in the road, says the commander in chief. What's the difference, says the former secretary of state.

Disgusting. The Fourth Estate has morphed into the Fifth Column.

Chuck LeBold

Hilton Head Island

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