Square Heineken bottles; 'Toy Story of Terror'; and 'The Office' says goodbye

Posted by PATRICK DONOHUE on May 15, 2013 

Esquire has a list of five good drinks when you're not drinking.

"Downtown Abbey" will return in January.

Justin Bieber can't catch a break. Thieves stole more than $330,000 in cash earnings from a Bieber concert in South Africa.

A 19th century slave cabin on Edisto Island will be restored for the Smithsonian's African American History Museum.

What breast cancer advocates thought of Angelina Jolie's op-ed piece about her preventative double mastectomy.

The next iteration of "Toy Story" won't be another film but a half-hour TV show called "Toy Story of Terror" that will premiere in October on ABC

Bing lets you translate any website into Klingon. If you want.

The 20 most absurd quotes from Guy Fieri's new cookbook.

You might want to skip that beer at Red Lobster.

The Department of Justice says late Apple founder Steve Jobs engaged in e-book price fixing.

Lifehacker on how to listen when someone is venting.

ABC renews "The Taste" but will its guest judges return?

When Heineken bottles were square.

The New York Times' Julia Moskin has a good piece on fried chicken, a dish that has confounded and, frankly, frightened many a homecook. 

The 10 most misleading food health claims

If you haven't cried today, check out this video of farewells and memories from members of "The Office" cast.


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