Tuesday's weather update from WTOC meterologist John Wetherbee

May 14, 2013 

It's been a lovely spring day with lots of sunshine, and it's warming nicely too. After a record-low this morning, we recovered into the 80s -- dry air cools quickly, and warms quickly too. It will be quiet tonight and tomorrow before humidity returns and the threat of late-day storms arrives near the weekend. First the record: It got down to 48 degrees this morning, beating the old record by a degree. Many areas hit the lower 40s inland. But now the warming trend is in place right into the weekend. A strong trough of low pressure is racing across the Great Lakes, blocked by our big high now over Albany, Ga. The high moves slowly eastward into the Atlantic keeping us dry. But by Thursday, we'll have more humidity and by Friday, there will be the threat of isolated thunderstorms. These should be very limited in coverage, mainly after 4 p.m. and done by sunset, though a few could reach severe limits very quickly. Certainly don't change any weekend plans at this point. Meteorologist John Wetherbee, CBM

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