Bobby Flay can still cook; changes to AppleCare; and Chris Brown angers his neighbors

Posted by PATRICK DONOHUE on May 13, 2013 

Check out this sunglasses made from 1,000-year old reclaimed redwoods.

Are changes to AppleCare afoot?

The film incentive bill, an attempt by S.C. legislators to help the state compete with N.C. and Ga. for film productions, is now law.

Bon Appetit reassures us that Bobby Flay can still cook.

The magazine also has eight tips on how not to screw up risotto.

Seth Meyers will replace Jimmy Fallon when Fallon takes over "The Tonight Show."

Kings of Leon debuted a new song this weekend

Vampire Weekend talked to The New York Times about their new record.

... And played some of the new songs on "Saturday Night Live."

Chris Brown is the gift that keeps on giving.

/Film has some daily set images from Edgar Wright's cult classic "Shaun of the Dead," most of which are pretty awesome.


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