Fripp Island shows support for Candice

info@islandpacket.comMay 9, 2013 

Shame on The Beaufort Gazette for snubbing Fripp Island.

On a rainy and blustery Saturday morning, more than 100 enthusiastic residents and workers on Fripp Island waited for more than an hour to see, greet and cheer on our local "American Idol," Candice Glover, as she toured the Lowcountry.

Candice graciously renewed her acquaintances and met with well-wishers and friends, near the excursions office, where she had worked during the last several years. She signed everything from "Candice" T-shirts to used coffee cups and freely chatted with the crowd, spending almost an hour and a half with her fans before she left.

Unfortunately, you ignored this "side trip" in your coverage of her trip back to South Carolina. In a detailed report in the Sunday paper, everything seemed to be covered except Candice's trip to Fripp Island. It would have only taken a couple of sentences. What's with the "dis"?

Terry Oliver

Fripp Island

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