1st District endorsement turns out to be surprise

info@islandpacket.comMay 7, 2013 

What a nice surprise to open my May 5 newspaper to read your editorial supporting Mark Sanford for Congress.

I, like many writers, saw recent front-page coverage of the campaign as biased in its structure, as well as subtle bias in headlines favorable to Elizabeth Colbert Busch and unsubtle questioning of Sanford's ability to overcome his personal peccadillos of the last several years.

My senior citizen status, some 40-odd years in private industry and close association with Washington politics have taught me the value of fiscal conservatism to job creation and growth. Your belief that Sanford is the better choice to represent the 1st District because of his career-long efforts to limit government's control of our lives was well reasoned and appreciated. And by comparison, the reluctance of Colbert Busch to engage in policy debates leaves her, at best, an unknown quantity.

Unstated, but evidenced by the national Democratic Party's last minute blitz of TV commercials' paid for by out-of-state money, South Carolina should not allow another congressional election to be bought by the Democrats' treasury, to be subsumed by Nancy Pelosi's power grab.

My apologies for having shown my own bias in misreading the Packet's coverage as guiding your editorial opinion. By the time this letter is published, the voters will have made their choice. I hope your editorial will have provided the final impetus for Sanford's victory.

Albert Slechter


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