Recreation Results, May 5

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Bear Creek

Results of Men's tournament held May 1; Format: Two Man Bonus Ball; 1. Pete Lachapelle, David Luzzi; 2. Gerhard Gartner, Dr. Evan Reese; 3. Dale Peters, David Coyle; 4. Paul Hummel, Rick Smith; Closest to the Hole: Al Lefer, John Holihan.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of MGA tournament held May 2; Format: Waltz; 1. Dave Palmetier, Jeffrey Ford, Kent Mittelberg, Robert Clemens; Closest to the Pin -- Robert Clemens.

Fripp Island

Results of the Women's Golf Association event held April 30; Format - Member/Guest; 1. Low Gross - Trudy Crysel, Jean Franks, Jan Shirley and Marilyn Riley; 1st Place Low Net - Bev Fineis, Anne Bishop, Diane McGarry and Pat Morris.

Hidden Cypress

Results of tournament held April 29; Format: 3 best balls of 4 net; 1. John Clingerman, Jerry Dowling, John Genna, Steve Markwood, Edward Neal, John Olesky, Richard Seib, Clinton Wright; 2. Eric Brownell, Bob Hooper, Charles Kaminowitz, Don Shaw, Barry Walker, Tony Weber, Philip Wolfe.

Island West

Results of tournament held May 2; 1. Jim Padgett, John Putnam, Daniel Glass, Robert Heck; 2. David Glover, Rick Bohach, John Waffle, Michael Hughes; 3. Stephen Petro, Thomas Dardaris, Jonathan Sherwood, Charles Michael; Closest to the Pin -- Stephen Petro, Jon Sherwood, Steve Grimaldi.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association held May 2; Format: Best Net AD-BC; 1. Bob Kiessling, Bill Peters, Ross Somers, Ben Franklin; 2. Mike Sinisko, Larry Beckish, Bob deGuzman, Hugh Whitman; 3. John Marvin, John Dansby, Tom Burnett, John Sheppard; Closest to the Pin -- Ross Somers, Alan Westcob, John Sheppard, Mike Sinisko.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies nine tournament held April 25; Format: Tee to green and low putts; 1. Mary Clay.

Results of Men's day tournament held April 30; Format: Pro is Partner; Flight 1 - 1. (tie) T. Andreas, D. Heney, C. Beltman; Flight 2 -- 1. (tie) J. Layton, B. Yantis; 2. P. Kruzelock, F. Lombardi, P. Resetar, R. Sandquist; Flight 3 -- 1. (tie) W. Ding, N. Argast, Hudson; Flight 4 -- 1. D. Bittner.

Results of Ladies day held May 1; Format: 6-6-6; 1. Kathy Eyet, Angela Najaka, Joanne Reynolds, Ann Madigan (blind); 2. (tie) Melissa Nieberding, Ann Harris, Barbara Baird, Cheryl Smith, Debbie Hengemuhle, Pam Finnie, Jeffrie Natale.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held May 2; Format: ABC Scramble; 1. S. Boppe, M. Barrell, M. Chenard; 2. Eastman.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's day tournament held April 30; Format: 1-2-3 Reversed; 1. Rich Johnson, Jim Schwarz, Don Hemenway, John Klinger; 2. Jerry Wells, Al Harris, Wally Maxwell, Paul Dofton; Low Net: Rich Johnson; Closest to the Pin: Wally Maxwell.

Sea Pines Country Club

Results of Ladies day tournament held April 23; 1. Terrie Allemang, 2. Robin McPhillips; Flight 2 - 1. Linda Bridgers, 2. Trish Rapp; Flight 3 -- 1. Beth Abrams, 2. Mary Lennox; Flight 4 -- 1. Mary Helen Edwards, 2. Jean Coon.

Results of tournament held April 24; 1. David O'Connor, Ron Orlosky, James Schaefer, Bill Post; 2. Joe Ondo, Larry Sippy, Ken Hagstrom, Eddie Clark; 3. Steve Sherry, Jay Elliot, Tom Sherwood, Mike Schilder.

Results of Club Championship tournament held May 1-2; Overall Champion: Ed Atkins; Flight 1 -- 1. Eric Dollenberg, 2. Bruce Edwards; Flight 2 -- 1. Jim Hooper, 2. Joe Ondo; Flight 3 - 1. Ken Lango, 2. Bob Nicolazzi; Flight 4 -- 1. Robert Clark, 2. Norm Kellogg; Flight 5 -- 1. Tom Sherwood, 2. Ken Hagstrom.

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