Too many seceded from values long ago

info@islandpacket.comMay 5, 2013 

I'd like to concur with Leonard Pitts' statement in his column published April 29: "Secession has already occurred." Though I have served my country as a paratrooper, paid all taxes due and support charities that benefit all, I no longer love or respect the nation.

The government of the nation makes law for the citizenry, but exempts itself from such law.

Our young men and women are sent off to war without a declaration of war and without the official will to win such wars. There is a black caucus, a Hispanic caucus, a women's caucus and a whatever caucus.

Our governing bodies are dysfunctional as national governing institutions. Dysfunctional, parasitic lifestyles are officially encouraged as an exercise in personal liberty.

Christian values are scorned. Sinful behavior is celebrated.

I could go on, but the values of the left disgust this old coot, so I've mentally seceded. Y'all won, but don't ask me to pick up the rubble when you're finished with this country.

Peter F. Zych

Hilton Head Island

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