Negative campaigns bring down electorate

info@islandpacket.comMay 3, 2013 

Recent letters regarding the upcoming 1st District congressional election provide great insight into our democracy and the electoral process.

Rather than talk about what each politician will do for constituents in the district, the letter writers focus on character assassination as a means to an end. Unfortunately, the success of many politicians can be attributed to this electioneering strategy.

As long as negative advertising drives the vote, then winners will be determined by who can best come up with the most dirt on their adversaries. Voters will be lured by professional advertisements that question a politician's decisions on moral grounds rather than on issues that will affect both South Carolina and the nation.

The extent to which office seekers are willing to emphasize the low moral ground as a political expedient, the lower voters will sink if this approach becomes mainstream.

Thomas E. Nugent

Hilton Head Island

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