Perfection not required to serve in public office

info@islandpacket.comMay 3, 2013 

On Tuesday, we will not vote someone to sainthood or cardinal or elder or priest or rabbi or any kind of intercessor or savior.

If secret or immoral marital infidelity were government service disqualifiers, there would have been no presidents Clinton, possibly Johnson, Kennedy, possibly Eisenhower, FDR, probably Jefferson and surely others. Would we argue that any of the above named were unable to execute the duties of the office of the presidency?

We will vote for a person to represent the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina in Washington. The only question is: Who will represent and advocate the interests of the people of the district?

Mark Sanford, a well-known quantity, has a record as a congressman. You can examine that record. You can find out what he's saying now.

You can decide, based on his record in Congress and his current goals, whether he should be returned to Congress.

His opponent has no record or apparent experience in public office. What will she do?

Richard G. Wakefield


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