Leering Legos; how to be funny on Twitter; and Candice-palooza is on

Posted by PATRICK DONOHUE on May 3, 2013 

A new study found 50 percent of all moviegoers think trailers give away a film's best scenes. I'd tend to agree.

St. Helena Island native Candice Glover is one of the final three contestants on "American Idol."

Jim Gaffigan tweets a joke and gets LOTS of women pretty angry.

Wrote in today's paper how excited I am for comedian and podcast maven Marc Maron's new show, "Maron." A free episode of the show is available on iTunes right now.

Tyler the Creator stupidly defends the grossly offensive Mountain Dew ad he helped create.

Lil' Wayne's apology for comparing a sex act to the death of Emmett Till in a recent song didn't go over that well with Till's family.

The State has a guide to this weekend's Kenny Chesney concert at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia.

Comedians give advice on how to be funny on Twitter. Among the best advice? Google before you tweet to make sure you're not repeating someone else's joke.

In time for Cinco de Mayo, USA Today has a list of 10 of America's great Mexican restaurants and one of them is in Iowa.

A ban on some Italian cured meats will be ending later this month, according to the New York Times.

A Lego set is facing scrutiny for featuring a leering construction worker. I mean, come on.

Little Debbie's changes it's logo ... sort of.

Would you get your employer's logo tattooed on your body in exchange for a 15 percent raise? These people did.

As a Hooosier, I'm not surprised to see the University of Kentucky doing something stupid but this takes the cake. The school is suing a student radio reporter who is seeking access about an official at the university's hospital.

Light reflecting off a shiny, metallic dog dish sparked a house fire in California.

Facebook is letting you assign trusted contacts to help you access your account in the event you get locked out.

The winner of Mens Health's best workout song of 2013 poll demonstrates, if nothing else, the age of Mens Health readers. Contemporary choice... 

David Chang talks fermentation and being "the king of mistakes."



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