Why the silence on new fighter jets?

info@islandpacket.comMay 2, 2013 

Neither candidate for the 1st District congressional seat has commented publicly or taken a stand on the planned presence of the F-35 fighter jet squadrons in the district they hope to represent. And why the silence?

Being for the deployment means they support rendering much of northern Beaufort County and Lady's Island uninhabitable. It means they support the deployment of these squadrons without any mitigation or consideration for the impact on those of us who live in the shadow of Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. It means they do not value the health or peace of mind of their constituents, the cost to our environment due to noise pollution or the damage to property values.

Being against the deployment means sacrificing the "sugar high" that defense money spent on an unnecessary weapon system brings to the district. It means rejecting the special interest in favor of the common good of the district. It means saying "no" to a weapon system that will do more harm to their constituents that any foreign enemy.

I guess I answered my own question.

Joe Berger


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