Fifteen cool beer taps; a remarkably ill-conceived Mountain Dew ad; and chicken diapers

Posted by PATRICK DONOHUE on May 2, 2013 

Their show at The New Brookland Tavern in Columbia may have been postponed but we still have a Q&A with white-hot LA-based electropop duo Capital Cities.

I wrote today about The Five People You'll Meet on Facebook.

Politico has a fascinating story about how some lobbying groups, corporations and other special interests are hoping to capture President Barack Obama's attention by advertising on the one channel they know he watches -- ESPN.

Snoop Dogg (I'm not calling him Snoop Lion) talks gun control.

Hank Stuever, the Washington Post's TV critic, likes MTV's "The Show with Vinny" and found himself less amused by the network's Bo Burnham-led scripted comedy, "Zach Stone is Gonna be Famous."

Comedy Central scores its biggest hit of the year with comedian Amy Schumer's new sketch show, "Inside Amy Schumer."

Chris Kelly, one half of the early 90's hip hop duo Kris Kross, has died

An unbelievably insensitive Mountain Dew ad from the mind of controversial rapper Tyler the Creator has been pulled from the air. This thing has to be seen to be believed.

The Civil Wars announced they will have a new record out later this summer but it remains unclear as to whether the Nashville duo are getting along.

Attention typography nerds: Introducing iFontMaker, a new font-creation app for iPad.

Otis Taylor talks to Band of Horses ahead of their upcoming show at The Township Auditorium in Columbia.

Ever wonder what magazines chefs like Tyler Florence and Carla Hall subscribe to? Wonder no more.

Urban farming has spawned numerous accessories including chicken diapers.

As if pizza tracking wasn't enough, Domino's has installed live webcams in some of its stores so you can watch your $9 pizza being made.

Cool Material has a list of 15 really cool beer taps.

The 12 gym guys you really don't want to be, including the Naked Shaver, the Yoga Cad and the Ironic Sweater.

Have we been eating apples the wrong way this whole time?!?!

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