Wednesday's weather update from WTOC meteorologist John Wetherbee

May 1, 2013 

We are "between it," getting a cool northeast flow from a large high north of us wedging southward, and getting thick clouds driving northward from a developing Gulf low. Expect more clouds and stronger northeast winds. Any showers may wait until Friday. Nothing is really changing. It's called a "blocking" or "Omega" pattern, now locked in over the Eastern half of the country. The polar jet is up over Canada, and the sub-tropical jet is just getting started over the Caribbean. So, nothing can move. Off the South Carolina coast, a weak wave will actually ride toward the Florida coast around the ridge of high pressure, possibly developing showers and drizzle mainly for our southern counties. And clouds will stay in place along the Wiregrass Trail. An Arctic high will eventually dislodge from the ice cap oozing into Canada starting tomorrow. That will start the dominoes as the polar jet gets pushed back over the Lower 48, dragging the high into the Atlantic, and pushing our Gulf low eastward along the Gulf Coast. The heaviest Gulf storms stay south along the I-10 corridor over the weekend. We will stay cloudy and windy with a better chance of showers through Monday. Our next sunny day? Next Tuesday at this point. Meteorologist John Wetherbee, CBM

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