Don't lower standards to fit candidates' needs

info@islandpacket.comApril 30, 2013 

Recently, my wife was interviewed by The Island Packet about her opinion of the 1st District special election. She answered that she had chosen not to vote due to personal reasons related to character. It seems that many people have a problem with this. My wife answered questions presented to her, in her opinion. I would like to add my opinion. We are very disappointed in our being morally unable to vote in this election. It is my opinion that so many people feel that government is primarily dishonest already, so why not elect another less than honest politician, albeit intelligent, with great potential. Why should we accept this? Is this the best we can do? In the last few years, in my opinion, many people in all areas of the public eye have become professional apologizers. We hear how deeply sorry they are for what they have done. This election is for a powerful high-level government position. Shouldn't there be a higher standard here? Is this a pattern? Shouldn't we start demanding better? Otherwise we are just perpetuating more of the same. It becomes exponential. I agree that no one's perfect. In my opinion, when we elect a candidate to a government office we must hold this candidate to a higher standard. And it is curious to me that so many people are so willing to knowingly accept less once again. This is my opinion. Jim Bell Hilton Head Island

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