Don't sell women short in congressional election

info@islandpacket.comApril 30, 2013 

As a woman in Sun City Hilton Head, I have had it with the nasty campaign being waged by Elizabeth Colbert Busch. Our televisions and mailboxes are crowded with personal attacks on Mark Sanford, deliberately aimed at women, with most of it coming from a far left Super PAC called the House Majority PAC. This PAC has received $75,000 from George Soros and $200,000 from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. I have news for them, smart women are not shallow, and we know when we are being manipulated. Apparently, Busch is incapable of discussing issues. She avoided debating until Monday Now I hear she had professionals wipe clean her Twitter accounts. Seems to me we have a make-believe candidate who is actually a Nancy Pelosi puppet. She is a pro-abortion candidate that is far left on immigration reform and far left on taxes. In essence, she is out of touch with the conservative political principles held by the majority of voters in our congressional district. We can't afford another Democrat in Congress. I'll vote to keep the seat Republican and my hard-earned money in my purse. Alice Lee Bluffton

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