Sanford's actions tell story of his behavior

info@islandpacket.comApril 30, 2013 

I read with amusement the April 25 letter from an individual who believes he is some sort of behavioral expert on the body language of human beings.

He went into an analysis of Elizabeth Colbert Busch and how he interprets her body movements. Maybe he should confine his remarks to things that are real and not just convenient interpretations to suit his predetermined opinion of someone.

Good examples of reality are the actions of our former governor. You know who our former governor is: -- the guy who was AWOL from his elective office, the one who thumbed his nose at the people of South Carolina.

You don't need to interpret his body language or mannerisms to know he cannot be trusted to represent the residents of this district in Congress. You don't need to see his head, hand and body movements to know he is bad news.

Now he resorts to using childish props in his campaign. Is he running for court jester or for Congress? Desperate people do desperate things -- things such as lying and cheating. Maybe he should seek office in Argentina with his beloved soul mate.

Tony Amadeo


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