Sitting in left lane only makes it worse

info@islandpacket.comApril 29, 2013 

Some 30 or more years ago, "Nestoring" became quite the subject of debate. Seems a guy by the name of John Nestor thought it was his duty to slow down all the fast drivers, so he would always drive in the left lane at exactly the speed limit to keep faster drivers from passing. If he could manage to be right beside a car in the right-hand lane so that the road was totally blocked, he did so. What a nuisance he was. If a recent letter writer wishes to drive the speed limit, more power to her; we all should do so. But she should move to the right so as not to impede the traffic behind her. Let those others speed if they wish. Let them be the "bait" for the speed traps. By sitting in the left-hand lane, she is creating anger, which means that when those drivers are able to get by her, they will drive even faster to "make up for lost time." Then they really become a hazard on the road. The writer also is a hazard. Sunni Bond Winkler Hilton Head Island

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