Weigh carefully all info in climate change debate

info@islandpacket.comApril 29, 2013 

With climate change, be prepared for biased, irrational, unqualified and politically motivated "discussions" on this important topic. Yes, be prepared for the physical and economic results that many different levels of climate effects could bring. But one of the main problems the public will face as this topic heats up (sorry) is dealing with misinformation. With all due respect, used car salesmen have been known to exaggerate in order to achieve their goals, but some of what they say is true. Some individuals and groups are so concerned over climate change effects that they stretch things beyond what the actual scientific consensus would validate. On the other hand, there are hired guns who are paid to distort, make false statements and mislead the public with adverse consequences. And then there are politicians. Watch out. James Roney Bluffton

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