Restore some sanity to gun control debate

info@islandpacket.comApril 29, 2013 

Good grief and little anchovies, Uncle Dud. Congress, with the opportunity to instill some control over gun sales, has done what it does best -- nothing. The dissenting senators argue that there is nothing wrong with gun sales between law-abiding citizens. But how does one distinguish between a law-abiding citizen and a non-law abiding citizen? They don't hang signs around their necks. How about background checks? Or is that too logical? It would not be a perfect system, but none is, and it at least would be doing something rather than nothing. But the no compromise crowd says, in effect, that they are willing to potentially sacrifice lives rather than surrender their sacred belief in the domino theory; to wit, if they make any concession it will lead to government seizure of all guns. What rubbish. Without compromise, there is no solution. I am a gun owner and have been since my teens. I would never deny people the right to possess guns. I would even allow individuals to possess assault rifles if they pass a thorough background check. This country will never disallow people the right to possess guns, but we must instill some degree of sanity in the possession and distribution of guns. Gun control does not mean gun seizure. Or is that too logical? Uncle Dud sighs and says, "Everyone is logical in his or her own mind." I have to admit, that explains a lot. Ed Rainey Hilton Head Island

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