High-stakes testing is unfair to teachers

info@islandpacket.comApril 29, 2013 

USA Today had an interesting article April 23 on whether the importance of test scores caused the cheating scandal that resulted in dozens of indictments against educators in Atlanta.

The importance of standardized tests is recognized, but not when it is to the detriment of the students learning.

Grading a teacher on students' performance on standardized tests -- when there are many factors associated with the child's ability to score well -- is just not fair. Some classes have students with learning disabilities or uninvolved parents or other issues.

To grade the teacher as if all students are alike, have the same abilities and the same parental support is not equitable. For the sake of our outstanding teachers who really care, try hard, spend long hours on lesson plans and reach out to parents when needed, please consider grading the teachers on their merit and their evaluations provided by the school district.

Sue Zankowski

St. Helena Island

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