Invoking Nancy Pelosi a diversionary tactic

info@islandpacket.comApril 29, 2013 

In his full page "personal message" in the April 21 newspaper, Mark Sanford mentions Nancy Pelosi five times. Now he is "debating" a cardboard poster of Pelosi because he claims that Elizabeth Colbert Busch is dodging debates.

Two points here:

  • There is a debate today. No one is dodging, and we learned last year that when it comes to debates, more is not better.

  • Your opponent is not Nancy Pelosi. This is a tired old Republican dog whistle that just shows your desperation.

  • If Sanford wants to regain the public's trust and go back to Washington, he should stop all the drama. The voters are tired of red-blue politics. We want a dedicated public servant who will represent the people of this district.

    Stick to the issues, Governor, and might I humbly suggest you get your personal life in order.

    Maggie Morse


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