Decals-for-dump idea creates many problems

info@islandpacket.comApril 28, 2013 

I read the recent story concerning the need for a decal to use Beaufort County dumps. A couple of thoughts on that subject:

Do I really need another decal on my windshield? As a resident of Beaufort County, I own property in multiple gated communities and therefore have multiple decals on my windshield already. Another would simply further reduce my visibility. Think also of contractors and subcontractors who have upwards of 10 decals.

I recognize that many Beaufort County property owners have their main residence elsewhere, hence using their driver's license would not work. I would suggest:

  • A card issued to each property owner. (It's probably less costly than a decal, and what happens when a new vehicle is purchased?)

  • Giving employees a list of the county's gated communities for which a decal has already been issued.

  • Making it a small decal that can be affixed to the front bumper.

  • Has thought been given to a property owner with multiple cars, who might need multiple decals?

    If a decal is decided upon, please don't use the word "dump." What an embarrassment.

    Robert Shenkus


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