Congress should give us better questioning tactics

info@islandpacket.comApril 26, 2013 

Our U.S. attorney general feared for the Boston bomber's Miranda rights? I am more concerned about future loss of life via terrorism. In general, an enemy combatant need not receive a Miranda warning (i.e., don't talk and get an attorney), whereas a criminal defendant must be warned within 48 hours after being taken into custody. Since it seems unrealistic that adequate evidence of foreign terroristic links and activities can be accumulated in 48 hours, a suspected terrorist (potential enemy combatant) is effectively advised under present rules to shut up and obtain more favorable common criminal status. Efficient intelligence gathering by our CIA and FBI is lost. We are at war, and notwithstanding political correctness, certain terrorists are enemy combatants. Is it going to take a few more Bostons and Fort Hoods before Congress changes current (court-imposed) interrogation rules and practices? In the context of Boston, I would not have provided a Miranda warning even though the suspect's statements could not be used against him in our civil court system. I would be much more interested in collecting statements of present and future terrorist activities and would reluctantly concede the loss of evidence under the self-incrimination protection of the Fifth Amendment. The Miranda rule and the 48-hour time limit are court creations (not legislative), handed down before the current age of terrorism. It is time for Congress to clarify and pass laws for realistic interrogation practices and procedures. Please contact your U.S. senators and representatives. Joe Nelson Bluffton

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