Story aimed to dissuade Republican turnout

info@islandpacket.comApril 26, 2013 

The April 21 story "Will women vote on Election Day?" was unconscionable in that it seeks to suppress Republican female voter turnout for Mark Sanford on May 7. The story begins and ends with comments attributed to one particular Republican woman, who said she would not vote for Mark Sanford nor the Democratic candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch for the 1st District congressional seat. While the story states, "Some female voters like Bell weren't sold on supporting Sanford to begin with ...<2009>," it leaves out the fact that he ran in a GOP primary against other qualified Republican cands from whom both female and male voters chose, and he still won handily in a runoff. Now he is running against the candidate of the Democratic Party. The primary is over. Similar to what happens after a Democratic primary, Republican voters, female and male, likely will rally around their party's candidate in the election. This letter is not intended to be an endorsement of Mark Sanford. Rather, it is an indictment of a media outlet, here The Island Packet, for identifying and then encouraging a voting bloc to refrain from voting so as to favor a preferred candidate. Steve Mangiaracina Hilton Head Island

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