Unblemished politicians just can't be found

info@islandpacket.comApril 26, 2013 

Regarding the recent letter "Sanford should drop out of the race": How do you spell hypocrisy?

I love the outcry for Mark Sanford to drop out of the 1st District congressional race. If that letter writer could please show us his letter crying for President Bill Clinton to resign after having sex in the Oval Office and lying about it to a grand jury and the country, I would love to read it.

Why do people think politicians are to be held to some higher standard? Get real. Politics and power go together, and the lust for power, money and sex go hand in hand. If the person who wants Sanford to withdraw thinks his candidate is more worthy, honest, upright, straightforward and unblemished than Sanford, I have very bad news for him. She probably is just as underhanded, dishonest and tainted as the rest of them.

His opinion might make him feel better about his particular brand of politics, but the bottom line is that most, if not a great majority, on both sides of the aisle care about only three things -- themselves, their pocketbook and getting re-elected.

They will take whatever money they can, say whatever they think will get them re-elected and lie to the camera as long as the people will swallow it and call for their opponents to withdraw from the race because of their indiscretions -- so long as no one shines the light on theirs.

Mark Walling

Hilton Head Island

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