Party views should guide vote, not personalities

info@islandpacket.comApril 25, 2013 

I cannot believe the top story in the April 21 newspaper was about whether Republican women would stay home on Election Day after Mark Sanford was accused of trespassing?

Equally upsetting was the focus on Julie Bell's thoughts and her decision not to vote in this election. That was the best story you could come up with for Sunday's paper?

What bothers me most is that the story illustrates dirty politics, in which we attack a person and do not look at his or her political core. Many advertisements are negative slants about a candidate's actions rather than where that candidate stands. We should be focusing on a candidate's core political views.

I grew up in a one-political-party household. While doing research for papers for my political sociology class, I found that my political core beliefs were the opposite of those espoused by my registered party. When we vote, we vote our beliefs and values and for the direction we want the country to take. There have been affairs, payoffs and cover-ups in politics from the beginning of time. Let's become adults and vote intelligently, not by destroying a person, but by affirming the party's political values.

I feel sorry for someone who doesn't vote due to dirty politics. We need to vote, but first we need to study the party and where they want to take the country. Our votes should reflect these findings, not be cast due to emotions or mudslinging. Remember the party in charge sets the agenda for the year.

Sherrie Mikrut

Hilton Head Island

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