Actions speak louder than words in campaign

info@islandpacket.comApril 24, 2013 

I have been in law enforcement for 45 years and a chief of police for 23 of those 45 years. I have worked in three states and seen many politicians campaign for office. When facing a foe you watch their body language, head and hand movements while listening to the words coming from their mouth. Their head, hand and body movements usually don't match the words coming from their lips. The same procedures can be employed when evaluating a political candidate for any office public or private. Congressional candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch in many of her speeches and television ads says she's a job creator and that she supports the Boeing facility here in South Carolina. We have since learned that she has accepted money from the very union that brought a complaint to the National Labor Relations Board against Boeing. While Colbert Busch says she supports job creation in South Carolina, watch her hands as she reaches for money from the out-of-state unions who are trying to take our jobs. Anthony R. Scott St. Helena Island

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